Dr. Padmaja Galgali



  • Production of phenol and acetone from cumene by a two-step process, with the intermediate formation of cumene hydroperoxide by an environmentally friendly method using a solid catalyst. Earlier methods employed the use of sodium hydroxide and sulfuric acid as the catalysts, which cause environmental pollution. This project was sponsored by General Electric, USA.


  • Chemical modification of maple wood flour to enhance its thermal stability for preparing heat resistant wood composites. The hydroxyl groups of cellulose, which are generally responsible for the thermal instability of the wood flour, were partially protected by different protecting groups, in order to enhance the thermal stability of the wood flour. We were successful in enhancing the thermal stability of the wood flour by 10 C. This project was sponsored by General Electric, USA.


  • Preparation of bisphenols based on cardanol, a constituent of cashew nut shell liquid. The double bonds present in cardanol were reacted to obtain several bisphenol derivatives, which acted as precursors for the synthesis of polycarbonates. This project is being sponsored by General Electric, USA.


Biodegradable synthetic polymers and process for preparation thereof.

Anjani J. Varma, Padmaja Galgali, Digambar V. Gokhale, Ulka S. Puntambekar (  December 2002)


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