Dr. Supriya Palimkar



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  1. Development of biocatalysts for chiral separation. The project involved synthesis of macroporous beaded polymers and modification of the polymers with chiral ligands and enzymes. The project is sponsored by DST. August 2003- July 2006.
  2. Synthesis, evaluation and productionization of G and I line photoresists. The project aimed at developing formulations comprising of polymers and photoactive components (sensitizers). Polymers of different molecular weights and different types of photoactive components were synthesized and were used to prepare formulations, which were exposed at 365 nm, and the applications in photoresists were tested. The project was sponsored by Ministry of Information Technology, New Delhi. August 2002-April 2003.
  3. Study of chemical modifications of chitosan. Chitosan is a naturally occurring amino polysaccharide structurally similar to cellulose. We studied the metal binding properties of the polymer and compared with other natural polysaccharides. April 99-May 2002.
  4. Synthesis and study of inositol based novel polyfunctional crown ethers having adjacent cation and anion binding sites. Myo-inositol consitute an important class of naturally occurring compounds. Their phosphorylated derivatives are involved in important biological phenomena such as cellular signal transduction and anchoring of certain proteins to cell membranes. We synthesized somre ether derivatives of inositol and studied their alkali metal binding properties. The derivatives were found to be selective in their binding with alkali metal ions. The project was sponsored by DST. Feb 98- Feb 99.
  5. Heat resistant cellulosic fillers for polymer composites. The project involved modification of wood flour in order to increase the thermal stability. The work was based on protecting the hydroxyl groups of cellulose, which play a major role in thermal stability. The thermal stability of the wood flour was enhanced by 10°C. The project was sponsored by General Electric, USA. I worked on this project from May 97- Jan 98.
  6. Production of Phenol and Acetone from Cumene by a two-step process, with the intermediate formation of Cumenehydroperoxide. The project was aimed at using a novel environmentally friendly solid catalyst instead of traditional catalysts like sulphuric acid, which is a major industrial pollutant. This project was sponsored by General Electric, USA.  I worked on this project from August 1996 to May 1997.