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Aadarsh Innovations is a product development and contract research organization based in Pune, India.

What We Do?

Aadarsh Innovations is established in 2013 in Pune, India. The business focus of Aadarsh Innovations is on the research and development, manufacture, and marketing of products in the area of materials, polymer, nanotechnology, and services to clients across the globe. The main area of research in Aadarsh Innovations is polymers, nanotechnology, and environmentally viable technology.

When established the main focus of Aadarsh Innovations was R&D, manufacture, and marketing of electrically conductive polymer-based products apart from contract research. It had several products, which include different conducting polymers, nano-materials, etc. 

Please visit Aonomy Speciality Polymers Pvt. Ltd for further information about electrically conductive polymer-based products.

Our Services 

Product Development


New Discovery in the Area of Materials


End-to-End Solutions


Consultancy Services


Development of Critical Products


Contract Manufacturing


Testing Analysis of Materials



Our Products

Specialty Polymers

We can develop Speciality Polymers which can be used as coupling agents, impact modifiers, adhesive resins, and chain extenders.


Polymer Packaging

We can develop polymer packaging such as pouches, poly bags, films, laminated, and microwavable packaging products.

Conductive Polymers

We can develop conductive polymers such as Polyaniline, Polypyrrole, Anticorrosiove additives, Antistatic, EMI Shielding etc.


Rubber Products

We can develop Extruded Rubber Products, Silicone Extruded Products, Industrial Rubber Polymer, Rubber Sheets, Adhesive Rubber Strips, etc.


We can develop Spray Adjuvant in Agrochemical Applications, Plant Growth Promoters, and Plant Nutrients.


Why Rely on Us?

We Offer a Combination of

  • Knowledge
  • Expertise
  • Experience
  • Agility

We can work with you to develop custom formulations that meet your particular requirements.


Success Stories

Aadarsh innovations developedd a synthesis procedure for conductive polymers. We use the materials developed by Aadarsh innovations to obtain novel functions in corrosion protection, sensors etc. The development is strategically important for us at YKI.

Anders Larsson

Senior Scientist, RISE Research Institute of Sweden

I got to know Aadarsh Innovations as a very competent, innovative, and customer-oriented company that reacts flexibly to special customer needs. As a recognized specialist in conductive polymers, AI is my first point of contact for technical support in this field.

Mirko Laager

Developer Chemicals, Wetrok AG

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